Rich Benjamin


“Rich Benjamin’s visit to Santa Clara University was a huge hit. Benjamin gave a terrific talk. He has a knack for raising very sensitive issues in a way that gets beyond tired polarities but that doesn’t muffle the key issues of justice and the common good. Plus, he’s a great story-teller and he’s got a great story to tell.”
– David DeCosse, Director of Campus Ethics Programs, Santa Clara University (CA)

“Rich Benjamin gave a thought-provoking and compelling presentation of his odyssey through “Whitopia.” It drew a large audience of Stanford faculty, students and community members. Benjamin’s talk was followed by a lively question and answer period, and he also met with undergraduates at a special lunch meeting, which generated an in-depth conversation. Benjamin’s visit to our Research Institute was one of the best-attended and highly regarded talks of the academic year.”
– Dr. Elizabeth Wahl, Stanford University

“Rich Benjamin spoke on the last day of our seminar for middle and high school teachers. He did a phenomenal job. I could not have imagined a better summation of our week, since his talked helped guide the difficult conversations that followed. In the evaluations, participants said his talk was one of the highlights. One participant wrote: ‘I am so thankful that Facing History introduced us to Rich Benjamin, his book, and his research. This was eye opening for me personally and also will become an important element of my teaching.’”
– Kevin Feinberg, Facing History and Ourselves

“Dr. Benjamin’s speech at the Powell School at The City College of New York was inspirational. He seamlessly tied his thought-provoking work to the everyday lives of our students, and reminded them to live courageously in the face of adversity. His encouraging and open remarks about his career path and personal journey towards a life of activism and civic engagement reinforced our students’ commitment to public service and affecting change.”
– Ellen Murray, City College

“Rich Benjamin offered a trenchant and compelling exploration of contemporary white flight. Bridging this trend with current political movements — e.g. the Tea Party — Benjamin facilitated a lively and meaningful discussion on the nuances of unconscious racism that continue to shape the American landscape. The audience responded with genuine and palpable appreciation.”
– Dr. Pillar Jennings, Columbia University